The International Conference on Engineering and Information Technology for Sustainable Industry or ICONETSI (in conjunction with International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology – ICONIET 2024) will be held as an HYBRID conference on September 25 2024. ICONETSI 2024 which theme is “Innovations for Society Resilience towards Digital and Sustainability Transformation”, offers a platform for scholars, engineers, scientists, practitioners, and students; either from universities and industries around the world to perform knowledge exchange about research and development activities. This interchange is expected to enhance collaboration of universities and the industries in generating innovations. The conference aims to bring together the fields of engineering and information technology for fostering the sustainable industry and society

The proceedings of ICONETSI2020 and ICONETSI 2022 have been published online and the accepted papers can be accessed via:

Video of the conferences are available on ICONETSI2020 YOUTUBE CHANNEL here