We are well aware of the alarming situation across the world and given the growing health concerns due to Pandemic COVID-19 virus. Considering recent developments concerning the Pandemic, there is a need for responsible measures to be taken to prevent the virus from spreading hence there are severe travel restrictions, travel advisories, lockdowns in Indonesia and across the globe currently. We continue to monitor the situation and will post regular updates.

However in response to travel concerns, the conference will be conducted via virtual presentations. Keynote speeches will be conducted via video conference on 28 September 2020, while the invited speeches and the parallel sessions will be conducted via video conference on 28 and 29 September 2020. Two weeks before the conference date, every presenters will be invited to join briefing and simulation thus online conference will run smoothly. More details on how this will be organized will follow in near time.  Further as of now please do not plan your travel to avoid any cancellations or rescheduleing.

We look forward to your participation.